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New Site On The Way... Eventually

I'm happy to say that behind-the-scenes work is currently (albeit slowly) underway on a new site.
You may notice most areas and links here have been taken off-line during the "renovation."
That's right- for the time being you won't be able to catch up on all my "recent" hot-off-the-presses news. From 2008. :)

But wait... I'm just DYING to learn more about Sam!

Never fear!! Unlike my humble digital home on the interweb, *I* am still alive, well, and kicking!
So please feel free to contact me:

(Except you, Mr. Spielberg. I'm tired of you flooding my inbox.
For the last time, I WON'T do the score for your film. So stop begging!)

But I Need to Hear Some of Sam's Music!

Of course, you can continue to explore some of my (not-so-new) music here until the new site is ready.

Thanks for your patience. Be sure to check in again down the road.

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Sam works at a mixing console

Sam Parmelee is a composer specializing in music for film, television, and multimedia.

Gold and Blue Horizontal Bars

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