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A partial collection of my music is available for you to hear.

Should you be interested in music of a genre or style that you do not find below,
or should your project require a more specific demonstration, please contact me.

All cues are in .mp3 file format. To begin downloading a cue, click on its title.

Title Genre Length
One contemporary montage 1:09
Alaska main title : adventure 1:40
They Are Coming! epic adventure 1:05
Wyatt Earp and His Immortals western 1:53
Morning Breaks Over the Prairie pastoral Americana 1:12
Reunion drama : Americana 1:25
Bye Bye for Bobo sad comedy : fantasy 6:46
Slipping Down the Drain cartoon romp 1:16
Girl Talk romantic comedy 1:33
Mr. Circle and Mr. Square comedy : end title 1:07
Patriots, Countrymen, Neighbors political sitcom : off-beat :56
Unheard Voices documentary : global children 1:24
The Amazing Race TV adventure :51
All's Fair in Love and War 80's TV action parody 1:02
Life as Hobbits ethnic : documentary : folk 1:39
The Cell sci-fi : thriller : electronic 1:27
The Secret Revealed drama 1:17
He Drifts drama : ethereal 1:22

Gold and Blue Horizontal Bars

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